Become a member of the Hemmingford Golf Club

A unique golf experience

Our Village course allows its members to play on fairways and greens of exceptional quality in an environment in an enchanting setting. His 6,555 yards offer a definite challenge for players of all skill levels.

Most memberships include unlimited access to our multi-seat driving range as well as practice golf balls. Our practice range has the facilities required for any discerning golfer: grass practice tees, sand traps, a practice green for short play, a quality practice green for putts.

Other benefits are part of membership such as golf bag storage, a locker in the cloakroom, the Canada golf card as well as the possibility of participating in club tournaments and provincial tournaments. You can also have your loved ones benefit from your subscription!

Current rates and promotions

Membership type New members Renewal before nov. 30th
PROMO! New members 3 years
7 days / individual, locked in rate for 3 yrs
7 days / individual $3000 – $300
7 days / couples $5500 – $750
4 days / individual *
Monday to Thursday
$2235 – $235
4 days / couples *
Monday to Thursday
$4035 – $470
Intermediate (19-30 yrs old) ** $1400 – $400
Junior (14-18 yrs old)**
Must be accompanied by a member 7 days
Corpo – 40 games * $2200

+ taxes

Read the rules and commitments.

* Limited quantities
** Max. age on April 1, 2022 (proof of age required)
*** The discount listed in the right column is valid for membership renewal only. In addition, this discount is only valid if the subscription is fully paid  before November 30, 2021. Please note that this discount is not applied in the calculation of the deposit required here for registration. It will be validated by a member of our team and then applied to the balance payable.

Important notes

Discounts and promotions

If you are eligible for an ongoing promotion or a loyalty discount, please let us know by checking the box. An employee will validate your eligibility.

Bar bill

The bar bill is mandatory for all types of memberships, except the junior. Please note that payment of the latter is due by May 1, 2022. It is not calculated here in the amount of the deposit due for membership.

  • Individual: $550
  • Couples: $800
  • Corporate: $550



  • Pour l’achat d’abonnements corporatif et intermédiaire, svp contacter les bureaux administratifs.
  • Obligatoire pour les abonnements intermédiaires / Mandatory for intermediate memberships
    Pour acheter un abonnement intermédiaire, vous devez être référé par un membre 7 jours. Ce membre 7 jours se porte garant du membre intermédiaire dans le cas de problématique. / To purchase an intermediate subscription, you must be referred by a 7-day member. This 7-day member vouches for the intermediate member in the event of a problem.

If you are eligible for an ongoing promotion or our loyalty discount, please let us know by checking the box. An employee will validate your eligibility.

I have read and agree to the rules and commitments, as well as the conduct lines relating to my membership.