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The Hemmingford Golf Club is located in a rural and wooded area of the Montérégie region near the American border. Its two 18-hole courses, one private (Village) and the other public (Frontière), involve intelligent play and guarantee a great playing experience.
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A story
rich and inspiring

It was in 1965 that the first 9 holes appeared on the property. At the time, tickets were sold from a small trailer. In 1967, the Hemmingford Sports and Country Club was undergoing major renovations; construction of the main chalet is completed and the reception hall one begins. Workers make the truck trip across the country to British Columbia to salvage the carefully selected pieces of wood. The magnificent ceiling beams, still in place today, are transported by train.

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Winds of change blew through the Hemmingford Golf Club in 2019 when new owners have acquired the club. Several major investments followed in order to restore it to its nobility and make it one of the most beautiful lands in Quebec.

The first alteration you may notice upon your arrival at the Club is the complete makeover of our main lodge. Other changes go from the building of a new terrace; to the revamp of our changing rooms; all the way to the replacement of the windows, the exterior cladding and the roof, not forgetting the construction of an entire second floor! It is safe to assume that our chalet has undergone an impressive facelift and now stands out from the competition with its chic Scandinavian appeal.

The entire fleet of machinery for course maintenance has been renewed; the irrigation system has been improved; the cart lanes have also been extended and properly delineated, allowing for an earlier usage in the springtime; the woodlands have been maintained; a new lake has been dug complemented by an enchanting fountain which can be viewed from the main pavilion.

And that is only the beginning. Many projects are in the pipeline for the future

A complete experience

The main chalet was completely renovated in 2020 and is worth the trip on its own! You will be able to find all the necessary amenities to extend your day including our brand new Steakhouse Le Lucky Seven, a culinary experience worthy of great urban restaurants.

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